The ede-simple project type was deprecated.  It shouldn't be in any of the distributions anymore either.  Perhaps there are other references around we still need to get rid of?  The replacement would be the generic project type.  The examples are at the end of the ede generic.el file.  It will let you persist some changes to build and debug commands..

If your large codebase has others who will be sharing your work you will be better off building your own project type.   That allows you every configuration option.  If the generic project type doesnt work an example like the emacs or linux project type would be the place to start.


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Diez Roggisch <deets@web.de> wrote:

Hi there,

I'm using the CEDET 1.1 release with emacs 23 under OSX.

I'm interested in managing our existing (huge, own build-infrastructure)
C++-project using EDE.

I want to

- persist settings as current wordsize for build (32/64 bit), target
(debug/release) and various other settings such as running/debugging in
specific modes
- setup semantic, possibly using clang, for code-completion and
source-code navigation

I thought that ede-simple-project would be best, because cpp-root-project
isn't suitable (or can it store values such as wordsize or target
dynamically, not in the .emacs?). But when I invoke ede-new, I'm only

Automake GNUstep-Make
GNUstep-Make in scanner mode GNUstep-make Top Most

No simple.

Any suggestions?



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