I try the simple project and i get this error (using semantic-analyse-debug-assit on my code)

The prefix lookup code threw the following error:
  (wrong-type-argument eieio-object-p "/home/jcabieces/.ede/!home!jcabieces!workScenarX!scenarX!src!scenarix!ProjSimple.ede")

where "/home/jcabieces/.ede/!home!jcabieces!workScenarX!scenarX!src!scenarix!ProjSimple.ede" is the project that i create with
the good directory with sources in it :

;; Object ScenarX
;; EDE Simple Project
(ede-simple-project "ScenarX"
  :name "ScenarX"
  :directory "/home/jcabieces/workScenarX/scenarX/src/scenarix/"
  :file "!home!jcabieces!workScenarX!scenarX!src!scenarix!ProjSimple.ede"
  :targets 'nil

Anyway, my problem is that semantic don't find the other sources file and so don't reach to complete any symbols.


2009/2/25 Eric M. Ludlam <eric@siege-engine.com>
>>> cabieces julien <jcabieces@free.fr> seems to think that:
>I would like to use semantic with python and I don't know how to set the
>different sources folder and depends as I could do with
>What is the best way to make as best as ede-cpp-root-project could do.

You can try two tactics.  If python uses Make or Automake scripts for
anything, you could add python support to the ede-proj style project,
and use EDE to control that.

Alternately, it would make sense to create an ede-python-root project
type.  Only do that if there is anything python specific you need to
setup on a per-project basis.

Lastly, you could probably use ede-simple to just mark the root of
your project.  That would be enough to enable some basic support.
Just do:

 M-x ede-new RET

Select Simple project type, give it a name.

I don't have a lot of experience using the Simple project type.  I'd
like to know anything you learn about this simple project type.  If it
doesn't work, you will need to delete the project out of ~/.ede/


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