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2008/12/15 Eric M. Ludlam <>
>>> "cabieces julien" <> seems to think that:
>I'm trying to debug a file not correctly parsed because semantic doesn't
>reach to find all tags.
>I'm using show-unmatched-syntax-mode to understand the issue but the
>unmacthed-syntax is not correctly refresh as I save my file.
>To force refresh I try to laucnh
>- semanticdb-typecache-dump
>- semanticdb-typecache-complete-flush
>- bovinate
>with no success. When I launch bovinate I can see that errors change or
>disappear but the "red underlined" error remains the same in the buffer
>where stand my file.
>Any idea to refresh it and see what really are my issues.
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 I've noticed the unmatched syntax sometimes having trouble around
complicated edits during the incremental parser.  If it does that, you
should try:

C-u M-x bovinate RET

 where the C-u forces a complete flush of all the old parsed syntax,
and it starts from scratch.  That should solve your problem.


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