I'd like to take a swag at adding CEDET support for the Scala programming language.

Scala already has a pretty nice emacs editing capability.  I have an exuberant ctags .ctags file that does a pretty could job of parsing classes, objects, case classes etc.  So ideally I'd like to start with simple ctags support as opposed to full lexer/grammar parsing via bovine, which I do want to look at later.

In addition, Scala has an REPL like build system (think Ruby Rake) written in Scala itself that is pretty darn good.  I have a small small sbt.el which uses emacs' comint.el and compile.el to interact with the build system REPL from with in emacs to navigate to compile errors etc.

In addition there is a pretty complete Scala template system based on yasnippet.

Summary Of Scala + Emacs
Base Editing: Solid Scala mode implementation
Project: SBT, Scala Simple Build Tool
Template: Yassnippit Scala support
Syntactic Tax Analysis : Exhuberant CTags

I'd really like to semantic intellisense capability added to the Scala+Emacs universe.

I've been at it for a few hours, mainly poking around and here is where I am at.

- cvs checkout of current HEAD.
- make build completes successful
- configured .emacs per INSTALL, cedet.el is loaded, ede-mode set, created a simple-ede-project, enable-gaudy, enable-primary-ctags-support, ...

Not much appears to be working...

Any pointers on where/how to start would be appreciated.  Is there an example language support implmentation in the CEDET project I could pattern a Scala implementation after?  I looked at the semantic-java but I see a lot of JDE in there etc.