couple questions:
1) I am trying to index /usr/include at once using semanticdb.sh.  Once the database is complete, how can I disable parsing include files from that directory while still retaining cached tags?
2) right now it seems semantic DB with global back end expects to find GTAGS in every directory.  If the directory and all its children are indexed in one file, is it possible to instruct
semantic to use that tags for all subdirectories?

couple bugs?
3) I am encountering some problems where semantic finds function like macro.  Especially things go bad in boost/mpl which uses macros heavily.  Does current semantic able to handle such macros?
4) in some g++ installations limits.h must include compiler-proper limits.h from /usr/lib/... using include_next directive.  One of the offending macros is LLONG_MAX and its derivatives.