I'm having some problems searching the mailing list archive here on SourceForge. Seems particular to this project. Whenever I fill out the form and search, I get a message saying it's unable to connect to the search server. Has anyone else seen this? It doesn't seem particular to the browser or OS I'm using either -- I've tried a few.

Since I can't search and I hopefully have somebody's attention, I was wondering if any work had been done with Semantic and Actionscript. Having code completion in Emacs for AS that worked as well as FlashDevelop (unfortunately Windows only) would be amazing.

I found a reference to 'wisent actionscript' commented out in the .emacs of the person who did the actionscript mode:

Digging through the code for FlashDevelop, I found the plugin for code completion and what appears to be a sensible ANTLR grammar file (as3.g) which is borrowed from another site that appears to have not been updated in a while:

I'm guessing the grammar would need to be converted to an acceptable Wisent style grammar to be useful right? From reading a little on ANTLR and Bison/Wisent, I know that this would require going from LL to LR parsing. Difficulty? I'm familiar with the basics of grammars/lexing/parsing, but I'm fuzzy on specific tools and practices.

It'd be awesome if someone has beat me to the punch on all this, but I'm stumped where their work is if they have. What would need to happen to have context sensitive completion of the user's code and also the Actionscript core libraries? I noticed that FlashDevelop also has a sub-project for AS3 intrisics for this purpose.