Thank you.

Now it works very fine.

2010/2/19 Eric M. Ludlam <>
On 02/04/2010 11:02 PM, Eric M. Ludlam wrote:
>  2 another C program file:
>  ---------------------------------------------------------------
>  static void do_initcalls(void)
>  {
>        int t0;
>        int t1 = a + b;
>        t0 = t1;
>  }
>  ----------------------------------------------------------------
>  When I move the cursor above "t1", then type M-x semantic-ia-fast-jump,
>  it can NOT find the define of "t1", but it can find the define of t0.
This is a parse failure on a+b.  The C parse doesn't have a very wide
range of possible expressions that it supports.  I contemplated cheating
and ending variable declarations at =, but then this wouldn't work for t2:

int t1=1,t2=2;

So this is a different class of bug.  Both seem straightforward if
someone would like to try their hand at fixing them before I get to it.

I updated the C parser to handle binary operators in this case.