Hi, Eric.

I checked out CEDET about a week ago. Need I check out CEDET again? If so, I will do it after work.

In fact, I want to write some toy program for myself. And when I call the function "semantic-analyze-current-context", it will open some files, this confuse me.


2009/4/17 Eric M. Ludlam <eric@siege-engine.com>
>>> peng yu <yupeng820921@gmail.com> seems to think that:
>I also create a gnu global data base in this directory and write these code
>in my .emacs : "(semanticdb-enable-gnu-global-databases 'c-mode)". But I
>don't create an ede project.
>Now if I put the point to "my_printf" in testa.c, and type M-x
>semantic-analyze-current-context, testb.c will be opened.
>Is it a bug?

This has come up in the recent past.  Are you using a recent CEDET
from CVS?  Files should not be left open for standard CEDET usage.

As for when the GNU Global database is being used, it has to convert
line-numbers into character locations, and that opens up files.  For
GNU Global, I leave the files open because they can be referenced
multiple times, and closing the files slows things down.  There may be
some sort of buffer-stacking thing that could be fixed if they are
appearing near the top of your list.


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