Hi, Eric.


Now semantic-ia-fast-jump works very good.

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2009/4/12 Eric M. Ludlam <eric@siege-engine.com>
>>> peng yu <yupeng820921@gmail.com> seems to think that:
>Hi, Eric.
>I use C language and I checkout cedet from CVS yesterday. I found sometimes
>semantic-ia-fast-jump can not jump to the correct area.
>When I want to jump to the define of a structure member, and the structure
>is defined in a file which is not opened in emacs, semantic-ia-fast-jump
>will jump to a wrong place. But if I open the file in emacs,
>semantic-ia-fast-jump can jump to the correct place.

A curious problem.  The analyzer code tracks filenames as best it can,
but there are some holes.  In this case, the hole was when
dereferencing a typedef.  I propagated the typedef's filename onto the
concrete struct tag, and now things work.

The changes are in CVS.


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