I have a global type PackedType.
After I declare
PackedType x;
and say x. and call M-x semantic-ia-complete-symbol-menu it says
Cannot find types for PackedType x.
My other concern is that during parsing semantic complains with "No Global support in ...." messages.

Calling semantic-analyze-debug-assist gives me:

Unable to find datatype for: "class PackedType x".
Declared type is: "class PackedType {}"
Raw data type is: ("PackedType" type (:type "class") nil nil)

Semantic could not find this data type in any of its global tables.

Semantic locates datatypes through either the local scope, or the global

Local Scope Information:
 * Tag Class Constraint against SCOPE: (type)
 * No known parents in current scope.
 * No known symbols currently in scope.
 * No known symbols declared locally.
Semantic creates and maintains a type cache for each buffer.
If the type is a global type, then it should appear in they typecache.
To examine the typecache, type:

  M-x semanticdb-typecache-dump RET   [ Do It ]

Current typecache Statistics:
      0 types global in this file
   3477 types from includes.

If the datatype is not in the typecache, then your include
path may be incorrect.

Include Path Summary:

This file's project include search is handled by the EDE object:
  Buffer Target:  #<ede-cpp-root-target d:/Dev/test/>
  Buffer Project: #<ede-cpp-root-project test>
  Backup Locator: #<ede-locate-base Loc>

The system include path is:

Include Summary: d:/Dev/mva_vhd/test/test.cpp

test.cpp contains 12 includes.
   Unknown Includes:  0
   Unparsed Includes: 0
   Parsed Includes:   12

A likely cause of an unfound tag is missing include files.
The following includes were not found:
How can I fix this?

Thank you,