I just reported the following problem (and workaround) to the ECB list but as it seems (to a layman at least) to be related to semantic, I also post it to this mailing list.

Problem description:

I am having the following problem with ecb-2.25. When I load certain C++ files, the method buffer initially shows the classes, functions etc. in that file but after a second or so, the method buffer is cleared. I can rebuild the methods buffer using a power-click, but the same thing happens again. I do not know if it is related, but just before the method buffer is cleared, Emacs displays the following message in the minibuffer window:

Note: file is write protected

For the problem to appear, the source buffer must have the input focus and the cursor should be inside a method.


When I start with a clean emacs and evaluate the following buffer:

(setq semantic-load-turn-useful-things-on t)
(load-file "C:/emacs/site-lisp/cedet-1.0beta2a/common/cedet.el")
(add-to-list 'load-path "C:/emacs/site-lisp/ecb-2.25")
(require 'ecb)

the problem is there. However, if I comment out the line "(setq semantic-load-turn-useful-things-on t)" the problem is gone ...

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