EDE is setup for automatic detection and generic projects can get in the way so you need to enable them explicitly.  You probably don't need all the simple ones provided.  You would put:

(require 'exe-generic)

Into your .emacs and follow that with a command similar to those at the end of ede-generic.el, but with your build config file and build/debug commands.

I don't have access to my dev machine this week so I can't draft examples at the moment.  Sorry.

I had a look and it seemed to me as if the generic project pretty much relies on a single File that exists, e.g. A Makefile. We don't have such a thing, instead our project layout is like this:


Where all these are directories, and the A/B/C also are essentially build-targets.

Can I make this work with ede-generic?




The ede-simple project type was deprecated.  It shouldn't be in any of the distributions anymore either.  Perhaps there are other references around we still need to get rid of?  The replacement would be the generic project type.  The examples are at the end of the ede generic.el file.  It will let you persist some changes to build and debug commands..

If your large codebase has others who will be sharing your work you will be better off building your own project type.   That allows you every configuration option.  If the generic project type doesnt work an example like the emacs or linux project type would be the place to start.

First of all a disclaimer: I'm a Emacs/Lisp-noob.

The generic project type looks like a good starting point. However, when I go e.g. Into ielm, I find that with the exception of ede-generic-load none of the definitions of ede-generic.el is found. I use CEDE1.1 release version, and after re-reading the INSTALL file again installed it like this in my .emacs:

(custom-set-variables ….)
(global-font-lock-mode t)
(load-file "/Users/dir/.emacs.d/lib/cedet-1.1/common/cedet.el")
(global-ede-mode 1)

Any suggestions? Should I switch to the latest VCS version?

Also, again a question regarding building: as mentioned, my goal is to build for various targets/architectures. I guess this means that I update the project's build-command when the parametrization changes, and that's persisted somehow?

Thanks for you support,