I am using semantic-mode to mover around the code, specifically semantic-ia-fast-jump function. I am using this for huge code, so jumps can be inside the same file or across several external files.

Problem is when I am trying to walk back through the code. Imagine the call was inside the same file:

f1() -> f2() -> f3()

When I tried to go back I use C-x C-SPC, however this is the behaviour:

f3() -> f1()

So it is ignoring one mark here (not sure if this is a bug or the expected behaviour).

I know I can use C-u C-SPC to go back between the local marks, however I would like to find the completely analog function of semantic-ia-fast-jump. Because as I said, once you move around multiple function calls, different files, etc, you can lost quite easily the track if the last calls were local or global. I do not want to think about that so much, I am looking for a keybinding or a function or just a parameter to a function that always jumps you back to the last position of the cursor, even if it was local or global.

Many thanks in advance!

Borja Tarraso