I am using locally compiled emacs-23.3 and built-in cedet on linux (old centos, hence "locally compiled"). I have a somewhat large c project, and I'm using both semantic and flymake on it. I have what seem like two problems:

1. Every so often (i think it's whenever a certain part of semantic gets triggered, maybe completion) I get a series of one or more "buffer has running process, kill it?" questions that stop me in my tracks. I read an old message in the archives that indicates it is probably semantic, but I wonder if it could also be flymake or an interaction between the two. I didn't find the resolution in any case, so I would like to know it if you remember.

2. Also periodically, emacs appears to hang and I am unable to do anything with it unless I hit C-g repeatedly and wait for something to quit. I would appreciate advice on how to go about debugging this, I'm not at all familiar with emacs debugging and don't really know where to start.