Hi Eric,

I checked out a fresh CEDET again, but this time outside of my .emacs.d directory. I added the old cedet version to my .emacs.d (so when I clone it somewhere, I don't have to manually clone cedet). It seems bzr checkout reused that directory.



On Mon, Jun 23, 2014 at 1:37 AM, Eric M. Ludlam <eric@siege-engine.com> wrote:
Hi Tu,

Something is wrong with your download from the ede-ldf branch then.   If you follow this link:


you will see all the VC based projects that were added in that function.

You should try to check out / update the branch again, or make sure that your load-path is pointing at the right location to get the new stuff.

Look in the file  USING_CEDET_FROM_BZR at the root of CEDET for how to check out a branch.

Good Luck

On 06/22/2014 12:44 PM, Tu Do wrote:
Hi Eric,

This is my ede-enable-generic-projects in generic.el:

(defun ede-enable-generic-projects ()
"Enable generic project loaders."
   (ede-generic-new-autoloader "generic-makefile" "Make"
"Makefile" 'ede-generic-makefile-project)
   (ede-generic-new-autoloader "generic-scons" "SCons"
"SConstruct" 'ede-generic-scons-project)
   (ede-generic-new-autoloader "generic-cmake" "CMake"
"CMakeLists" 'ede-generic-cmake-project)

I don't see any VCS related projects there. I already checked out from
the bzr link you provided:

bzr checkout bzr://cedet.bzr.sourceforge.net/bzrroot/cedet/code/ede-ldf
<http://cedet.bzr.sourceforge.net/bzrroot/cedet/code/ede-ldf> cedet

and I always use ede-enable-generic-projects even before this new
branch. What am I missing? I tried to use the VCS feature by enter a
random git repository, and I think it should activate automatically for
tracking source files, but it doesn't work. How do I verify if the new
ede work as expected?



On Sun, Jun 22, 2014 at 8:40 PM, Eric M. Ludlam <eric@siege-engine.com
<mailto:eric@siege-engine.com>> wrote:

    On 06/22/2014 01:52 AM, Tu Do wrote:

        Hi Eric,

        I am using the ede-ldf branch, but I don't know how to use the VCS
        feature in EDE. When I run ede-new, it gives additional projects
        such as
        GNUSteps aside from the old ones like Arduino, Make and Automake.

        How do I make EDE automatically recognize a VCS project?

    Hi Tu,

    If you add this to your .emacs file:


    the new VCS based projects will be enabled along with the Makefile,
    SCons, etc projects.

    If you've already done that, I must say I didn't put in tests for
    all those project types because I was worried about the anchor
    files/directories from other VC systems messing up my own VC in
    CEDET. Instead I test a mock VC system.

    It could also be I messed something up.  Please check in
    lisp/cedet/ede/generic.el for the function
    ede-enable-generic-projects to see if your VC system is properly

    This is a great thing to try out, as I think it should be possible
    to replace `ede-cpp-root' with the generic project type which would
    make setup for new users much easier since all you need to do is:

    M-x customize-project

    to get similar features.