Hi Eric,

I tried to create a template in Common Lisp like this:

set mode "lisp-mode"

context file

template read-file
(defun read-data ()
  (with-open-file (stream "hello")
    (let ((tmp (loop for line = (read-line stream nil :eof)
                     until (eq line :eof)
                     collect (map 'list #'parse-integer (split-sequence:split-sequence #\space line)))))
      (close stream)

And put it in ~/.emacs.d/srt/cl.srt

I added the path ~/.emacs.d/srt to srecode-map-load-path variable to load the template. However, when I ran the command sre-insert in lisp-mode (was writing Common Lisp), my template didn't show up. But if I put it in one of the SRE templates that come with CEDET, then I can retrieve my template.