Hi,  Looking at the documentation here:

I see how to define an ede project:

(ede-cpp-root-project "Test"
                :name "Test Project"
                :file "~/work/project/CMakeLists.txt"
                :include-path '("/"
                :system-include-path '("~/exp/include")
                :spp-table '(("isUnix" . "")
                             ("BOOST_TEST_DYN_LINK" . "")))

But I typically have several separate projects that I work on. How do I define multiple ede-cpp-root-projects?
Is it sufficient to just repeat that block with each project's info? I've tried that, but I'm not sure if it's
working, because jumping to some functions (even in the same .c file) doesn't work (semantic-ia-fast-jump)