Thank you, that explains a lot, I will have to think on this for a bit then. The idea was to use semantic to provide refactoring features and context-sensitive auto-completion for an Erlang dev environment package that I'm working on.


On 21 Jun 2013 21:46, "Stephen Leake" <> wrote:
Thomas Järvstrand <> writes:

> What I don't understand is how I would go about constructing tags that have
> children. For example, I'm working with the Erlang language right now. I
> have bovine grammar with the rule (I'm aware the rule is in no way complete
> or probably even correct, I'm still just trying to understand how things
> work):
> function-clause
>   : function-name LPAREN arguments RPAREN ARROW body PERIOD
>     (FUNCTION-TAG $1 'function $3)
> What do I do with the body ($6)? How do I get it parsed and included in the
> parse tree?

What do you plan to do with the parse tree?

That strongly influences how you build it.
-- Stephe