I checked out cedet recent version and tried to use the semanticdb.sh to build cache for a set of c++ files. However there seems to be some erros due to change of cedet directory structure.
    db-mk.el assumes that there's a common directory, which does not exist in recent version of cedet:

(setq cedetdir (expand-file-name (concat semanticdir "../common/")))

    changing that to 
(setq cedetdir (expand-file-name (concat semanticdir "../")))
     seems to solve the problem caused by directory structure change.

However I noticed even with this there's some anomaly when running the semanticdb.sh script. Given the same set of files, 1.0 version of cedet generates cache fine. But with recent version it's not parsing & generating tags properly and is reporting that 0 tags are found.

I have yet to figure out why, meanwhile has anyone encountered similar issues?

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