Hello list.

I'm searching for a template system, and would be grateful if you to told me if SRecode is a proper tool to use for it, and if yes, then I'd greatly appreciate some guidance.

Here's what I'm looking for:
A "project template" needs to generate a set of directories and some files in the directories, this would be an example:

- src
|- com
|-- domain
|--- program
|---- Main.hx
- lib
- bin
|- scripts
|-- swfobject.js
|- images
|- index.html
- project.el

Some files, like index.html and Main.hx may contain variable content, where generation of the content depends on user's input. Some other files, like swfobject.js may be copied without change.
Templates to help inside the code (like class generators or function generators are cool, but not super important).

project.el has the most requirements for generation, it has to be aware of the environment where it is generated in (know the directory it is in, have access to environment variables), once created it will be used by a major mode to switch between projects.

Please, if I didn't explain it well enough, do ask.

I've red the documentation on SRecode, but I don't have a clear understanding what it does. It could really benefit from more examples involving use-case scenarios... I found couple of examples in CEDET sources, but I'm still not confident, and that's why I'm asking.

Now, if SRecode doesn't do exactly what I'm asking, but some eLisp code can automate it to the level that it does - I'm cool with it. But if I misunderstood its purpose, but you happen to know about a tool that better matches what I'm after - please do tell!