Yes I am using emacs 23.3.1. I managed to make it work. Read many time Alex's gentle introduction and I can get code completion now. 


On Sun, Jul 15, 2012 at 5:40 AM, Freyr <linfan-163@163.com> wrote:

Are you using the latest version of Emacs (24.1) ?  CEDET 1.1 release have some imcompatible with the latest emacs. I don't know whether this is the reason.

At 2012-07-15 05:16:10,"ratnesh kumar" <ratneshkumar21@gmail.com> wrote:

I have recently started using emacs and since I am shifting from eclipse I badly need CEDET to be working. I am using it for C++. I downloaded and installed cedet 1.1. I put "my_config.el" file  inside .emacs folder. [I am using fedora 16, ~/.emacs.d/]. 

When I start emacs, the config.el file does not automatically reloads and I load it by M-x load-file. It displays that cedet is successfully loaded. However, I do not get the code completion working. 

Before posting here, I looked at several posts here and on stack overflow to get some help and I read Alex article. But I am still not able to make code completion work. Pressing 'tab"  key does not show any suggestions. 

My config.el file contents ---


 '(column-number-mode t)
 '(semantic-c-dependency-system-include-path (quote

 '(semantic-idle-scheduler-idle-time 2))

;; Loads for CEDET
(load-file "/home/ratnesh/Downloads/cedet-1.1/common/cedet.el")

(global-ede-mode 'nil)


(require 'semantic-ia)

(require 'semantic-gcc)

(require 'semanticdb)
;;(global-semantic-db-minor-mode 1)

(defun my-cedet-hook ()
  (local-set-key [(control return)] 'semantic-ia-complete-symbol)
  (local-set-key "\C-c?" 'semantic-ia-complete-symbol-menu)
  (local-set-key "\C-c>" 'semantic-complete-analyze-inline)
  (local-set-key "\C-c=" 'semantic-decoration-include-visit)
  (local-set-key "\C-cj" 'semantic-ia-fast-jump)
  (local-set-key "\C-cq" 'semantic-ia-show-doc)
  (local-set-key "\C-cs" 'semantic-ia-show-summary)
  (local-set-key "\C-cp" 'semantic-analyze-proto-impl-toggle)
  (local-set-key "\C-c+" 'semantic-tag-folding-show-block)
  (local-set-key "\C-c-" 'semantic-tag-folding-fold-block)
  (local-set-key "\C-c\C-c+" 'semantic-tag-folding-show-all)
  (local-set-key "\C-c\C-c-" 'semantic-tag-folding-fold-all))
(add-hook 'c-mode-common-hook 'my-cedet-hook)

(global-semantic-tag-folding-mode 1)

When I press [control - RET], emacs displays undefined character and also for "C-c=" etc .. 
I do not get any suggestions for any of opencv variables and their functions and also for #include <ios[press tab]> .. 

Any suggestions ? Please post if you need any more information.