Hi, I've got a very weird problem with my emacs-23.2 and cedet-1.0.1. It can be reduced to:
class A {
    void f();
    void g() {}

#include "a.h"


All the installation was succuessful and ../include has been added to semantic-dependency-system-include-path.
I opened ./src/a.cpp and put point on function f(), but semantic-analyze-proto-impl-togle didn't work at all.
However, the strange part was when I put point on function call g();, emacs jumped to a.h by semantic-ia-fast-jump.
And when I put point on function f() for a few seconds, my minibuffer displayed "a.h: void f()".
I really wonder why semantic-analyze-proto-impl-togle won't work when semantic has already found the include file.

If I put a.h and a.cpp into the same folder, say ./, semantic-analyze-proto-impl-togle finally worked.