Hello all,

I installed the latest repository version of CEDET and disabled the version that is bundled with Emacs 24.3. After skimming the manual and reading Alex Ott's article "A Gentle Introduction to CEDET" I made several additions to my .emacs file. Once I made all of the recommended changes, I tried to edit a simple Java file. Code completion with auto-complete is functional, but extremely slow, even after the trying the same function from the same class twice (System.out.println). I would also add that CEDET does not seem to pick up the methods of the objects statically in the packages either. I am  not sure if this is an error or functionality that just needs to be added at a later date.

My second problem is that when I try to edit a C file, auto-complete (I am using version 1.4 that comes in the package repository) does not bring up any completions. I tried several configuration changes to my ,emacs file in an effort to get the auto-complete menu to work. It works great in Emacs Lisp mode. Additionally, normal semantic completion works fine once enabled. Can anyone give me a hand with either of these issues?

By the way, the link to "smart completion debugging" in the CEDETmanual is broken.

Thank you,