Hi Mr. Ludlam,

Thanks for your reply and help. 

I have seen the aforementioned emacs wiki entry and I do have require semantic/ia in my .emacs file. I also think the wiki statement about semantic being in the package for ac-sources is irrelevant in my particular case. You still have to add ac-source-semantic as an ac-source regardless. I had already tried not adding it before emailing the list.

I will add that even when I do not use the autocomplete package the native CEDET "intellisense" is still slower in Java mode than in other modes, though faster than when autocomplete is added to the mix. I suspect it may have to do with the dependence on javap but I could be terribly off on that attempt of code sleuthing. Once I lose the autocomplete package, the "intellisense" works in cc-mode as well, however, sans the fancy autocomplete menu (whose utility is debatable I suppose).



On Sun, May 12, 2013 at 5:48 PM, Eric M. Ludlam <eric@siege-engine.com> wrote:
Hi Stephen,

I'm not that familiar with auto-complete, but if you check the Emacs Wiki:


you will find this text:

 If you are using the current development version of AutoComplete (0.20
 at the time of this edit) be aware that ac-source-semantic is now
 included in the package. Furthermore, if you are using the semantic
 source, make sure that you have required semantic-ia in your init
 file. If you do not then it falls back to a method of gathering the
 tags that appears to not check the semantic cache slowing the whole
 thing up rather tremendously (especially with omnicompletion).


On 05/07/2013 09:00 PM, Stephen Debique wrote:
Hello all,

I installed the latest repository version of CEDET and disabled the
version that is bundled with Emacs 24.3. After skimming the manual and
reading Alex Ott's article "A Gentle Introduction to CEDET" I made
several additions to my .emacs file. Once I made all of the recommended
changes, I tried to edit a simple Java file. Code completion with
auto-complete is functional, but extremely slow, even after the trying
the same function from the same class twice (System.out.println). I
would also add that CEDET does not seem to pick up the methods of the
objects statically in the packages either. I am  not sure if this is an
error or functionality that just needs to be added at a later date.

My second problem is that when I try to edit a C file, auto-complete (I
am using version 1.4 that comes in the package repository) does not
bring up any completions. I tried several configuration changes to my
,emacs file in an effort to get the auto-complete menu to work. It works
great in Emacs Lisp mode. Additionally, normal semantic completion works
fine once enabled. Can anyone give me a hand with either of these issues?

By the way, the link to "smart completion debugging" in the CEDETmanual
is broken.

Thank you,


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