It seems, that there is no proper project to include, and I need a new one.
Thank you for answer.

2013/12/18 David Engster <>
'kostafey' writes:
> I'm making a function for simplify navigation to the definitions of some
> entities (e.g. classes or functions). It is based on the CEDET, but not only.
> e.g. you can bind:
> (global-set-key (kbd "<C-down-mouse-1>") 'find-definition-jump-mouse)
> or bind find-definition-jump-at-point to some key, if you dislike to use mouse
> :).
> and then click Ctrl-mouse (like in ordinary IDE) to the class or function and
> it will do it's best to find entity definition and jump to it (via elisp own,
> CEDET or tags navigation measures).
> Can it be included to the CEDET (after necessary adapt, of course) in the some
> form?

Since those functions would support different packages apart from CEDET,
I don't think putting them into CEDET would be a good idea. Those should
rather be handled in a different package, like 'company' or
'auto-complete' do it for providing in-buffer completions.