Hi List,

My first post to the list.
I am new to emacs, lisp, cedet, ecb.
So far I have used MS Studio, eclipse, netbeans to navigate c++ source code.

I work in putty. I always wanted single IDE to edit and navigate the source code.
Being in putty, emacs + cedet + ecb + gud + shell makes the perfect IDE environment.

After going through many the blogs + manuals + stackoverflow questions,
I have setup project with ede.

My situation is a bit similar to what explained in below post:
Source is code is quite big i.e. more than 6k files, and I have MakeFiles in all
folders that takes care of my build.

My project file is similar to below lines:
(ede-cpp-root-project "project-name"
  :directory "<project-root-directory>"
  :file "<project-root-directory>/Project.el"
  :include-path '( "<project-root-directory>"

With this, files in the same folder are parsed successfully, and symbols are resolved.
But cross-folder includes are not resolved and they make to the "unknown includes" list.
ede-find-file for unresolved files results in following error:
eieio-generic-call-primary-only: Method ede-expand-filename called on nil

Is there any solution to this?

I believe I can better utilize this environment by customizing/adding more to it.
How to setup development environment for CEDET? This will help me to address
unresolved issues and contribute back.