I'd seen similar problems with ede-java-root-project today after recompiling latest cedet from bzr: the function is missing on load time, but available otherwise.

Did not investigate yet.
Changes in autoloads logic?

On Dec 10, 2012 6:02 PM, "Tomasz Gajewski" <tomga@wp.pl> wrote:
"Eric M. Ludlam" <eric@siege-engine.com> writes:

> On 12/06/2012 04:54 PM, Tomasz Gajewski wrote:
>> Hi Eric
>> "Eric M. Ludlam"<eric@siege-engine.com>  writes:
>>> It looks like you are working on the Qt sources, right?  Could you tar
>>> or zip up the smallest set of files that shows this behavior to email
>>> me?  Include your latest .el with ede-cpp-root project in it and
>>> snippets that handle your semanticdb trick you described below, and
>>> any other CEDET config you might have.  Thanks.
>> Attachment contains minimal set of Qt includes and minimal .emacs file
>> that shows problems I described previously. You will have to only update
>> file paths.
>> I use GNU Emacs 24.1.1. I started emacs with 'emacs --no-site-file' to
>> be sure that nothing from my environment affects results.
>> Cedet is from bzr trunk updated two days ago.
> Hi Tomasz,
> I spent a couple hours on your problem today.  You example was
> helpful, and in researching it, I looked up my old test project, and
> found that it had a similar problem, so something broke from when I
> first got the spp-files feature working and today.
> I cleaned up how EDE interfaces with with the lexer, and uses the
> lexer's project spp table.  That helped.  I suspect this was also why
> my arduino macro's weren't working.  I hope to test that theory soon.
> I checked in that batch of changes, and with it, your example then
> works the first time through.  On the second restart of Emacs the
> tables for the headers with the macros are empty for me.  It appears I
> still have a bit of work to do there.

Its great you've found time to investigate it.

I've tried to check your changes but somehow it caused:

  Symbol's function definition is void: ede-cpp-root-project

during processing .emacs. To exclude some other problem returned to
version before your changes and it started to work again.

Mayby it has something to do with my way of compiling. I just do:

make clean-all
bzr clean-tree
bzr clean-tree --ignore

> Anyway, I'm still working through the problem, and I think things are
> closer now with what I checked in to CEDET/bzr.

Tomasz Gajewski

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