Hi, everyone!

Three issues today :-)

Issue N1.

While waiting for CEDET to parse my imports (Java, but in this particular case it does not matter) I've noticed that emacs launches a flymake subprocess for each and every of them, which gives my laptop a hard time. I made a simple check:

$ rgrep find-file-noselect * | wc -l

Not all of those are wrong, of course, but some definitely are. There's got to be a better way to do background parsing, as find-file-hook is a popular way to add extra functionality. Is there a better way to 1) open a file 2) extract/cache tags 3) close the file?

Issue N2.

Recent changes introduced an new error during load time: "Symbol's function definition is void: ede-java-root-project". After init the project can be evaluated as always. As much as I can see I am not the only one suffering from this bug.

Issue N3.

This one's easy. I believe that not all jar files supply javap with source file info, thus, javap parser has to check whether it should skip the first string ("Compiled from...") in program's output. Can somebody fix it?

PS Still waiting for my papers. FSF clerk did not even answer my last letter.

Yours sincerely,

Vladimir Kazanov,
software developer,
mob. +7 (963) 304-05-12
ICQ: 82042707
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С уважением,

Владимир Казанов,
моб. +7 (963) 304-05-12
ICQ 82042707
skype: stvovka
эл.почта vkazanov@inbox.ru