Hi, everyone!

While fixing bugs I noticed that Cedet (for Java) does not separate static/instance contexts. In static functions and blocks only tags with the "static" typemodifier should be accessible, and both static and usual methods/vars/classes in an instance context.

I thinking about implementing this particular feature, and this should not be too hard, as all the info required is already available in tags received upon completion. I've spent an hour or two trying to find a canonical way to implement this, but failed. Which is confusing! In three languages Cedet claims to support there is such a concept.

Maybe I missed something? Or overloading semantic-analyze-possible-completions-default function with a java-specific one is the only way..? Or even extending a default function would be reasonable?

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Vladimir Kazanov,
software developer,
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С уважением,

Владимир Казанов,
моб. +7 (963) 304-05-12
ICQ 82042707
skype: stvovka
эл.почта vkazanov@inbox.ru