I'm having a problem getting semantic to understand the `this` c++ keyword:   

 #include <iostream>
    class SomeStructure
      int mMemberOne;
      float mMemberTwo;
      char MemberFunction()
          int test = 0;
      int main()
        SomeStructure abc;

Any other autocompletion works in this file except when I'm trying to autocomplete `this->`. I get no suggestions. Running `semantic-analyze-debug-assist` gives me this:

>     Unable to find symbol this.
>     The prefix lookup code threw the following error:
>       (error "Cannot find definition for \"this\"")
>     To debug this error you can do this:
>       M-x toggle-debug-on-error RET   [ Do It ]
>     and then re-run the debug analyzer.

`M-x bovinate` gives me:

    (("iostream" include   (:system-flag t)   (unlink-hook    (semantic--tag-unlink-secondary-overlays)    secondary-overlays    (#<overlay from 1 to 20 in junk.cpp>)    dependency-file "c:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0/VC/include/iostream" link-hook    (semantic--tag-link-secondary-overlays)    unlink-copy-hook    (semantic--tag-unlink-copy-secondary-overlays)    :filename "d:/project/client/junk.cpp")   #<overlay from 1 to 20 in junk.cpp>)  ("SomeStructure" type   (:members    (("mMemberOne" variable
         (:type "int")
         (reparse-symbol classsubparts)
         #<overlay from 46 to 61 in junk.cpp>)
        ("mMemberTwo" variable
         (:type "float")
         (reparse-symbol classsubparts)
         #<overlay from 64 to 81 in junk.cpp>)
        ("MemberFunction" function
         (:type "char")
          reparse-symbol classsubparts secondary-overlays
          (#<overlay from 85 to 107 in junk.cpp>)
         #<overlay from 85 to 165 in junk.cpp>))    :type "class")   (unlink-copy-hook    (semantic--tag-unlink-copy-secondary-overlays)    link-hook    (semantic--tag-link-secondary-overlays)    secondary-overlays    (#<overlay from 22 to 42 in junk.cpp>)    unlink-hook    (semantic--tag-unlink-secondary-overlays))   #<overlay from 22 to 168 in junk.cpp>)  ("main" function   (:type "int")   (unlink-copy-hook    (semantic--tag-unlink-copy-secondary-overlays)    link-hook    (semantic--tag-link-secondary-overlays)    secondary-overlays    (#<overlay from 172 to 183 in junk.cpp>)    unlink-hook    (semantic--tag-unlink-secondary-overlays))   #<overlay from 172 to 250 in junk.cpp>))

So it looks like the `SomeStructure` structure is parsed correctly. It just looks like semantic has some kind of problem with `this`.

Also I followed the error's suggestion of re-running with `toggle-debug-on-error` enabled, however even with that enabled the debugger doesn't appear to break on error.

Using the latest version of emacs (24) and cedet (trunk).

I can't believe I'm the only one having this problem, it must be something I'm doing wrong...