I'm using ede-cpp-root-project to create an ede-project from existing files.

(ede-cpp-root-project "FLANN"
                :name "Flann1.8"
                :file "~/Documents/PhD/Code/Kd-Trees_NNS/Flann/CMakeLists.txt"
:include-path '("/test/"
                :system-include-path '("/usr/include/" "usr/include/c++/4.7/")
                :spp-table '(("isUnix" . "")
                             ("BOOST_TEST_DYN_LINK" . "")))

However, when opening any .cpp or .h file there are some unsolved includes, most of them coming from files within the directories defined in the :include-path field. I thought that listing all includes directories as I do was enough for semantic to analyse and solve all dependencies and so.

Semantic-c-describe-environment gives this as output

Include Path Summary:
  This file's project include is handled by:
    EDE : #<ede-cpp-root-target /home/carrenom/Documents/PhD/Code/Kd-Trees_NNS/Flann/src/cpp/flann/util/>
     with the system path:

  This file's system include path is:

So my definition is not working. Is there something I forgot to include? Do I have to use semantic-add-system-include with each directory?