Unfortunately I had to re-install my OS so I updated my emacs and cedet versions (I'm using the last snapshots). I'm also using the same configuration files that had worked pretty well with my c++ projects. However,  now the name auto-completion is not working.

More specifically, before re-installing my system if I started to write a variable's name, cedet showed me all the possible matches among all the variables already defined in the same file. Now I have no suggestions and I thinks it's related to how semantic and auto-complete work together.

When I'm working on different types of files (lisp, latex, org...) auto-complete works fine. Also semantic works as expected: I can jump from definitions to implementations, I can search a method definition, I can see all the members of a
particular object, and the function prototypes are showed too.

It's just the name complete that does not work, and as I'm using the same configuration files and I followed step by step the same process I used the first time to install cedet and other tools (gtags, cscope...), I can't see the cause of this problem.

Here are my configurations files:

i) init.d http://pastebin.com/5uPCsgwW
ii) my cedet configuration based on Alex's tutorial http://pastebin.com/QkUGtkve

Can someone give me some hints about what I'm doing wrong or missing here?

Also, I'm new to cedet and I would appreciate some suggestions about how to improve my current configuration to work better on c++ projects.