Hello Eric,

it works perfectly!
Thank you!

2013/3/27 Eric M. Ludlam <eric@siege-engine.com>
Hi Bukuli,

I was able to reproduce the problem.

When  I examined what was going on, I discovered this when I ran srecode-get-maps:

   -- SRecode Global map --
Mode                    Filename
------                  ------------------
c++-mode                /home/zappo/cedet/trunk/etc/srecode/cpp.srt
c-mode                  /home/zappo/cedet/trunk/etc/srecode/c.srt
default                 /usr/share/emacs/23.3/etc/srecode/default.srt
c++-mode                /usr/share/emacs/23.3/etc/srecode/cpp.srt

which means that templates recently removed from cpp.srt and moved to c.srt is getting ignored due to the version of cpp.srt that comes with Emacs, giving you this unexpected duality.

My load path for srecode looks like this:

 "/usr/share/emacs/23.3/etc/srecode" "/home/zappo/.srecode/")

I updated this load script and checked it in so if you get a new version from bzr, this should be fixed.

Good Luck

On 03/26/2013 08:21 AM, Bukuli Norbert wrote:

What is the concept, shall this style of header guards work both with C
and C++ mode?

If I visit a new file, my_header.hpp (in this case c++-mode is active in
the buffer), and insert file:empty with SRecorder, then I get the following:
/** my_header.hpp ---
... */
#ifndef my_header_hpp
#define my_header_hpp 1

#endif // my_header_hpp

However if I open a new file my_header.h (c-mode), and do the same
thing, I get this:
/** my_header.hpp ---
... */
#ifndef MY_HEADER_H
#define MY_HEADER_H 1

#endif // MY_HEADER_H

Is this the desired behaviour? I use cedet from bzr, with emacs 24.2.1

Thank You!

2013/1/18 Eric M. Ludlam <eric@siege-engine.com

    On 01/15/2013 01:41 PM, Lluís wrote:

        Eric M Ludlam writes:

            Hi Lluis,

            I agree with the typical use being all uppercase for for C
            code macros, such as:

            #ifdef MYHEADER_H
            #define MYHEADER_H 1


            I wonder if it is instead better to tweak the template to
            upcase on a
            per-usecase basis (see patch), or always for that symbol.

            I'm curious what other C / C++ developers think.  Is a
            same-case symbol of the
            filename useful?

        I've never got to need it, but you never know; so I'd go for
        your patch (note
        that my patch also contains a fix on the symbol generation).

    Ok, I'll check in a mix of the two then after running the unit tests.

        BTW, I don't really use srecode very much, but I'm curious how
        would you
        implement the following header guard pattern (which I use very

        * take the file path relative to the project root
        * eliminate uninformative prefix directories (e.g., "src/" or

    I'd go into srecode/cpp.el and add a new dictionary entry for the :c
    argument, perhaps PROJECT_FILENAME_SYMBOL, and calculate it.  EDE
    can tell you the file name with file-relative-name against
    (ede-toplevel-project default-directory) and the current file.

        * replace the directory separator with "__"
        * replace symbols by "_"

    Your new code snippet would do some of that.

        * upcase

    Probably in the use of the new dictionary entry.

        So, for example, "foo/bar.h" would be "FOO__BAR_H".

    This concept seems useful.  The attached patch adds a new argument
    called :project that could be used to add a variable similar to what
    you asked for.

    I tried it out, and it seems to work ok.


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Best regards,
Norbert Bukuli

Bukuli Norbert