Hi all,

I'm using this in my .emacs file:

; Show code complete after . or >
(defun my-c-mode-cedet-hook ()
 (local-set-key "." 'semantic-complete-self-insert)
 (local-set-key ">" 'semantic-complete-self-insert))
(add-hook 'c-mode-common-hook 'my-c-mode-cedet-hook)

Which, for C++, allows me to see member names after entering the . and > keys... Sometimes. I don't know lisp, so I'm not sure just how good/bad the code is exactly... But it seems smelly, here's a few bugs:

1. When the semantic-complete-self-insert command first runs (after pressing period "."), it only shows the class ctor, then when I delete the period it shows all the members, and all local variables within the current function.
2. Some times the menu fails to show properly at all - it quickly goes on then off again. To fix this, I have to restart emacs.
3. This doesn't allow me to see local variables... Say I have two local variables; foo1 and foo2, and I want them to appear as soon as I press f (when not in a comment). How can this be done?

What I'm asking for here is actually something quite similar to Microsoft's C# IntelliSense feature, if anyone is familiar with this...


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