Thanks for your answer. I had already tried this but it fails.

After some more debugging I found that the error is called by an evaluation of this expression:

(inversion-check-version "1.0.beta2" nil "1.0pre6")

In this call, there is an evaluation of 

(inversion-decode-version "1.0.beta2")

which returns nil, and then this `nil' is unexpected as the first argument of expression

(inversion-< nil '(prerelease 1 0 6))

So, really, it is not a matter of some include path. The thing is that I have 

(defconst ede-version "1.0.beta2"
  "Current version of the Emacs EDE.")

because I took the latest on CVS. But it seems that this is incompatible with by version of inversion...

Then what shall I do ?


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