ECB 1.93 is released!

What's new in the new release:
* Changes for ECB version 1.93
** Fixed bugs:
*** The adviced version of `other-window' now works correct too if a
    minibuffer-window is active.
*** The commands of `winner-mode' are now only forbidden in the ECB-frame
    but work in any other frame.
*** `scroll-all-mode' now works correct in other frames than the ECB-frame.
*** Removed the annoying message "Partial reparsing..."
** Enhancements to the layout:
*** Slightly better redrawing current layout especially if the layout contains
    a compile-window.
*** ECB autom. displays hidden compile-window before starting a compilation.
    This is done if `ecb-compile-window-height' is not nil but the
    compile-window is currently hidden by `ecb-toggle-compile-window'. Of
    course this works also for grep and other compile-modes. Same for
    `switch-to-buffer' and `switch-to-buffer-other-window' if called for a
    compilation-buffer in the sense of `ecb-compilation-buffer-p'.
*** `switch-to-buffer-other-window' now works more naturally within the
    ECB-frame, especially if a compile-window is used.
*** `ecb-toggle-compile-window' now has a default key-binding: [C-c . \]
*** Now also layouts with user-defined special ecb-windows can be created
    interactively. See the online-manual for further details.
** Enhancements to the tree-buffers:
*** Now user-extensions can be added to the popup-menues of the tree-buffers.
    See new options `ecb-directories-menu-user-extension',
    `ecb-sources-menu-user-extension', `ecb-methods-menu-user-extension',
*** The methods-buffer now has a popup-menu with senseful actions
** New option `ecb-sources-exclude-cvsignore' which allows to exclude files from
   being displayed in the sources-buffer if they are contained in a .cvsignore
** ECB now also works with buffers "online" extracted from archives.
   Buffers extracted from an archive in `tar-mode' or `archive-mode' are now
   correct handled as if they were normal file-buffers. This feature doesn't
   work with XEmacs cause of its tar-mode and arc-mode implementation which
   does not handle extracted files as normal files.
** ECB now checks at load-time if the required packages semantic and eieio are
   at least available - regardless of the needed version. If at least one of
   these packages is missing then ECB offers to download and install it. More
   details are available in the installation instructions.
How to get it:
Sorry, it's too big to post the sources here...
If you are using ECB >= 1.80 then you can just call "M-x ecb-download-ecb" if
you are online. ECB will then download autom. latest and newest ECB and
install it for you.
Or go to the homepage at and download it from
General description of ECB:
*ECB* is a source code browser for Emacs. It is a global minor-mode which
displays a couple of special windows that can be used to browse directories,
files and file-contents like methods and variables. It is based on the tool
*semantic* and supports source-code parsing for Java, C, C++, Elisp, Scheme
Here is an ascii-screenshot of what ECB offers you:
|              |                                                 |
| Directories  |                                                 |
|              |                                                 |
|--------------|                                                 |
|              |                                                 |
| Sources      |                                                 |
|              |                                                 |
|--------------|                 Edit-window(s)                  |
|              |        (can be splitted in two windows)         |
| Methods/Vars |                                                 |
|              |                                                 |
|--------------|                                                 |
|              |                                                 |
| History      |                                                 |
|              |                                                 |
|                                                                |
|                 Compilation-window (optional)                  |
|                                                                |
This is only one example-layout - ECB offers a lot of different layouts.
For more details go to

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