Hi Andrea,

I see there was no discussions on this thread for a long time .
I wonder if there is something that was already released . I would like to assist you if I can.


On Tue, Mar 22, 2011 at 11:41 AM, Alex Khazin <alex.khazin@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Andrea ,

Is it possible you release some part of your code that I'll also will be able to try it on my code.

As Steve I'm programming a lot of stuff in SystemVerilog using emacs on work and this grammar will be very useful .


On Tue, Mar 22, 2011 at 7:12 AM, Andrea Fedeli <andrea.fedeli@mclink.it> wrote:
Hi Eric,
> This web page walks through the steps for full language integration.:
> http://cedet.sourceforge.net/addlang.shtml
Yes, that was the page that inspired me in starting this activity, i.e.:
the idea of writing a full grammar, as soon as fiddling with exuberant
ctags support for system verilog appeared to be insufficient, for
instance, for code folding beyond module. As I felt a regexp tag
generator was not enough for what I had in mind, there was no
alternative but to go for a full grammar.

> So you actually have:
> Step 0: Join the mailing list   ->  Done
> Step 1: Write a Grammar ->  Done
> The next step is:
> Step 2: Tune APIs with `mode-local'

Well, actually I'm between Step 1 and step 2; I need to try my grammar
and to see where it fails (I have real code to parse for that), and I
need to identify what to fit in Step 2 opening sentence:

"Once you have a good tagging system in place, many tools become enabled
for your language."

I'm used to ctags/etags regexp-based tags generation, and I played
various times with outline-regexp ad-hoc setting for outline-minor-mode
per-file-type customization, but a full grammar definitely allows ways
better focused tagging...The question is: how shall I store those tags
to let the following steps work properly?

I'm now back to the wisent examples in <cedet-dir>/semantic/wisent, and
I'm delving into .info files in <cedet-dir>/semantic/doc dir I first
skimmed when I discovered cedet, a few months ago.

Helmet dressed, rope taken: let's go!

Later alligator,

> You mentioned step 0 as a bzr checkout.  Perhaps I should renumber to
> steps on my web page. ;)

I'm a bzr rookie, but 'checkout' and 'update' meanings are now given for
granted. :)

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