How disable semantic for specific mode?

I use only built-in GNU Emacs CEDET. This articles provide solution: but for me this instructions seems outdated or irrelevant for GNU Emacs built-in CEDET as none of *-mode-hook contain 'semantic-default-*-setup' (but I do not comment and recompile semantic files). I enable semantic by (semantic-mode 1) Search for 'disable' in (info "semantic") take no result. I want to disable Semantic for js-mode because of bug: 'which-func-mode' can not find function when 'semantic' enabled. "wisent-parse-stream: #<buffer my.js> - Invalid start symbol bovine-inner-scope" in JavaScript with "(global-semantic-idle-summary-mode 1)" Also I think semantic for JS less useful as JS not strong typed lang and dabbrev completion work much fine.