I also had this problem. It seems to be a bug in the CEDET version which comes with Emacs 23.2.
I solved this by installing CEDET from CVS. 

There are still quite a few bugs in the Emacs 23.2 CEDET and it seems that all of the ones I found are gone with the CVS version.


On Sun, May 30, 2010 at 10:52 AM, Владимир Чернышев <sveolon@gmail.com> wrote:

I'm newbie in Emacs and CEDET, so please excuse me for lot of details.
My goal is to utilize EDE for my new project.
I'm using emacs-23.2-bin-i386 under Windows XP. It installed in
C:\Programs\emacs-23.2 and added to Start menu
using addpm.exe. As far as I know this build already has CEDET
from-the box, so I should not compile or install

I read Alex Ott's article "A Gentle introduction to Cedet"
and trying to create my project, but EDE will not see project created
in that way, so I decided to create it form scratch.

I googled so much but not found any article about creating new project
in EDE. Looks like it should be obvious, but it isn't.
I found only this text describing my task:

My real project is big enought, so I created fake. Structure is:
C:\work\test_prj\inc\test.h - header file
C:\work\test_prj\src\test.cpp - source file
C:\work\test_prj\src\main.cpp - source file
C:\work\test_prj_system_headers\SomeGlobalHeader.h  - system header file

I have no .emacs file yet so I will do everithing from Emacs directly.

How I try to create the project:

1. Run Emacs from Start Menu
2. M-x global-ede-mode (Development menu item appears)
3. M-x cd c:/work/test_prj/
4. "Development"->"Create project"
5. Type: Make
6. Name: test
7. Project saved. You may now create targets.
8. Now "Add target" menu item becomes enabled
9. "Development:->"Project options"->"Add target"
10. Name: tst
11. Type: program
12. Wrong type argument: stringp, nil

What I doing wrong?
Vladimir Chernyshev


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