Hi David,

Thanks for your reply, may I ask how to find out which file was just being parsed?


On Fri, Mar 25, 2011 at 3:13 PM, David Engster <deng@randomsample.de> wrote:
York Zhao writes:
> Thanks a lot for your help. I just tried manually deleted the .semanticdb
> and .srecode directories and it seems to be working now, though it's still
> too early to tell, as this had happened before that after the semantic
> database being forced to rebuild, it worked and I was relaxed but that had
> never worked long enough, after awhile I was disappointed again.

If it happens again, immediately take a look at the files that were just
scanned. It is probably one of the newly parsed headers which lead to
this error.

> What does 'bzr revert' really do? Will it remove all '.elc' files?

Sorry, I was mistaken. But

bzr clean-tree --ignore

will do that.


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