Has anyone gotten this:

``cl package required at runtime``

I am able to run Emacs and compile whatever source files I am set up for. I'v looked for places to get cl but nothing ????

I get the meassage when trying to run

emacs -Q -l cedet-build.el -f cedet-build


Here is the context: I had CEDET and JDE(E) up and running fine for weeks and have built CEDET a few times. Then I re-tooled my .emacs for Ruby, Rails, and Javascript. I noticed that speedbar was not working (I get ``wrong type argument: integerp, (0,0)`` ) and so I tried to build CEDET again (and specifically JDE). But now it turns out that for some reason I am missing(?) the ``cl package''.

I figure there is somethign incompatible with my Ruby, Rails, and Javascript customs in .emacs and have been trying to diagnose it now for over an hour.

((I also get a message when when emacs starts up that my jde.el file is ``newer than byte-compiled``)).

Hoping someone has run across this and can save me some time, thanks.
Joshua Bowles
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Utah Valley University
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