I am sorry if this issue has been addressed before, but otherwise I couldn't find it answered here or anywhere else (that might just mean my search skill isn't good enough, sorry again).

I have experienced problems with Semantic when working on generics in my Java program (at least this is the case in my program). If my class has generic type, for example,

public class Tree<V> {....

semantic-ia-fast-jump would complaint that it could not find suitable jump point even if I point to a legit method call (I find this a bit frustrating, since I use this feature a lot).
In JDEE class menu, I pretty much can't find anything for the Tree class.

But the above issues don't occur if Tree is not defined as generic class.

public class Tree{....

Does anyone have this issue? I am wondering if the Java parser isn't correctly parsing Java 1.5 syntax, but then looking at the parser code in wisent-java.wy, it claims to be able to parse correct Java 1.5. Though, it could be the problem with other part other than the parser, it there a quick fix for this issue? If not, I would hope the next release would solve the problem.

The cedet version I am using is the newest svn build, not the one that comes with emacs23.2.