I am using emacs 23.2 under windows, and I am also using the official release of cedet1.0pre7 (not the distribution that comes with emacs23.2).
Couple days back, I discovered Semantic also offers code folding ability and it's quite nice since it's pretty much what other IDE's that I familiar with (like eclipse) would offer.
The default code classes that can be folded by semantic-tag-folding are comments, methods, includes (packages), but not code block statements like if's or while's. I am wondering if semantic-tag-folding also has the ability to fold if's and while's alike.
After looking at the code in semantic-tag-folding.el, I noticed you can customize the variable "semantic-tag-folding-allow-folding-of" that allows more code classes to be fold, initially I thought that's all I need to do, so I have

'(semantic-tag-folding-allow-folding-of (quote ((type) (function) (variable) (include) (comment) (package) (code) (block))))

in my custom-set-variables (that's what is automatically generated after I did the customization-group for semantic), but it doesn't seem to have any effects. I am not sure if I am doing it right or further customizations are needed.
Any pointers or helps are appreciated.