I recently began study cedet tools to use in php programming. I wrote own wisent grammar implementation, which provide fair parsing for structures and major types definitions. I tried to get semantic follow include-tags, foremost I assume the parsing thing does its part well, I get following results running `semanticdb-ref-test' from the file with two include statements:
 ] Name: "DEBUG"
 ] Class: #'semanticdb-ref-adebug
 ] :i-depend-on : nil
 ] :local-table #<semanticdb-table test.php (8 tags)>
 ] :i-include #<TAG LIST: 2 entries>
   * "test1.php"
   * "test2.php"
I reached testing with `semanticdb-find-test-translate-path'. According to documentation it will provide the list of tables which semantic will search through, and I expect it will pick-up include statements, however it's not happening and I get the following result:
*#<semanticdb-table test.php (8 tags)>
   ] Name: "test.php"
   ] Class: #'semanticdb-table
   ] parent-db #<semanticdb-project-database-file test/ (4 tables)>
   ] :major-mode #'php-mode
   ] :tags #<TAG LIST: 8 entries>
   ] index #<semanticdb-find-search-index #<semanticdb-table test.php> index>
   ] cache #<list o' stuff: 1 entries>
   ] :file "test.php"
   ] buffer #<buffer test.php>
   ] dirty : nil
   ] db-refs : nil
   ] :pointmax 362
   ] :fsize 361
   ] :lastmodtime #<list o' stuff: 2 entries>
   ] :unmatched-syntax : nil
   ] :lexical-table : nil
I also tried to have Simple EDE project created in the same directory with no luck, although my wishful destination is to have a tag scope from associated files as easy as they are being retrieved from active buffer and without project declaration. Isn't it disagree with semantic mechanism?

I would like to ask respected community if I missed something from understanding how semantic associate files and what is required besides include-tags and literal to filename translation? (`semantic-tag-include-filename' current realization of which performs filename excision from quotes)