Hi Eric and other gurus,
reffering to the discussion about making parent class jumpable:
IMO we need a parsed using-statement in C++...this should be quite simple...
This leads me to the idea:
Why we do not add a :type-slot to include-tags (analogous to the :type-slot for type-tags (e.g.
a tag of type class ahs as :type "namespace") if it is a namespace...
So we would parse all stuff like
- #include ... (c and c++)
- import ... (java)
- (require '...) (elisp)
- using ... (c++)
- etc..
as tags of type 'include and all of them contain their real specification as :type-slot, so e.g.:
using aCplusplusNamespace;
would lead to a tag like
("aCplusplusNamespace" include :type "using" ...)
What do you think? is this the wrong approach?
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