>  Your changes make good sense Klaus.

>  Of interest to me was that you made tag names safe against
>white-space changes.  Should this be a generic features of a parser to
>do white-space reduction for those modes that could be affectedby

Concerning tag-names i did this mostly to bring all test-output
in exactly one line so diff can do better work...
I wondered for myself seeing tag-names containing newlines and spaces
but appearantly the python parser (semantic/test/test.py) produces
such ones.... i do not think that the parser itself should normalize
tag-names with respect to white-space but for generating easy comparable
test-output i thought i can do it.....

>  It would be nice if a Java guru could write a test.java file that
>uses all the whacky java features that may be encountered.  I will

I know such a guru, its name is David P. ;-))

Our test.cpp is fairly complete and sufficient for a test i think...but
i will have a look to get sure...

>contemplate a test.el.  I usually use semanticdb.el or semantic.el as
>a test candidate, but it makes sense to have a real candidate too.

I think a good starting point is the definition of the several elisp-
parsers in semantic-el.el - we should at least have one code-exemplar
for each of them.

I had already started with a test.el but not yet finished - i will send it
to you today evening, Eric, then you can maybe save some time ;-)