>  If an overlay is not live (dead?) should we convert it in-place
>  to a vector when the problem is discovered?  Perhaps the start/end
>  no longer exists though.  I dunno.

>  If ECB is making clones of tags, the :filename feature should be
>  enabled on it, so ECB should be able to find and reload the file
>  into a buffer if needed.

What do you mean with "...is making clones"? ECB just uses the
tag-table got from semantic - no explicit calls to make clones or something
elso.... should ECB use clones??



>>> David PONCE <david.ponce@wanadoo.fr> seems to think that:
  [ ... ]
>That's a good find!  However your patch is not portable to Emacs.  I
>think a better way to solve that is to make `semantic-overlay-live-p'
>have the same behavior in both XEmacs and Emacs, and use it in
>Following is a patch to do that.  It would be nice if you could test
>Your other points and patches look good to me.
>Eric, WDYT?
>Thanks for your help!
>2005-01-26  David Ponce  <david@dponce.com>
>       * cedet/semantic/semantic-fw.el
>       (semantic-overlay-live-p) [XEmacs]: Align with Emacs'
>       `overlay-buffer' behavior.
>       * cedet/semantic/semantic-tag.el
>       (semantic-tag-buffer): Ensure the tag's overlay is living.
  [ ... ]

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