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Von: Eric M. Ludlam []
Gesendet: Di 27.03.2007 19:47
An: Berndl, Klaus
Betreff: Re[1]: newest semantic/cedet

As far as I know, the semantic API has not changed.  Only the
behaviors of some functions to be (hopefully) better.

I have changed the C/C++ parser to be a little better and capture more
data.  There is also an pre-processor layer that was added to the
C/C++ parser.  Lastly, some changes to the include path variables.

Most other changes occurred in the analyzer, formatter, and the
semantaicdb-find routines, but not in the APIs.

Good Luck

>>> <> seems to think that:
>Hi Eric,
>just a short question: I saw you are working very intensive on CEDET
>with a lot of huge improvments - but i have only followed the
>discussions in the group not yet installed new cedet... now the
>question: Are the now incompatibilities between cedet an ECB or with
>other words: Are the some things you think i should be carefull of when
>updating my cedet-repository... any hints from you where your
>improvements could cause trouble when running ECB? Thanks a lot!

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