can everybody here answer to this problem?

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Sent: Wednesday, March 15, 2006 9:29 PM
To: ecb-list@lists.sourceforge.net
Subject: [ECB-list] Symbol's function definition is void: eieio-defclass

Hello gurus,

  I was trying to install ECB (eieio, semantic, speedar) but got
 this error:  Could someone help me fix that?
   no problems to load semantic, or speedbar.
  But loading eieio has the problem.



(1) (initialization/error) An error has occurred while loading ~/.emacs:

Symbol's function definition is void: eieio-defclass

To ensure normal operation, you should investigate the cause of the error
in your initialization file and remove it.  Use the `-debug-init' option
to XEmacs to view a complete error backtrace.

Signaling: (void-function eieio-defclass)
  eieio-defclass(ecb-dlist-node nil ((previous :initform nil) (next :initform nil) (data :initarg :data :initform nil)) ("A node in a double linked list."))
  byte-code("..." [require eieio eieio-defclass ecb-dlist-node nil ((previous :initform nil) (nex t :initform nil) (data :initarg :data :initform nil)) ("A node in a double linked list.")] 5)
  load-internal("ecb-navigate" nil t nil nil nil)
  load("ecb-navigate" nil t nil)
  byte-code("..." [require ecb-util tree-buffer ecb-mode-line ecb-navigate ecb-face ecb-speedbar ecb-layout ecb-common-browser assoc custom-declare-group ecb-directories nil "Settings for the directories-buffer in the Emacs code browser." :group ecb :prefix "ecb-" ecb-sources "Settings for the sources-buffers in the Emacs code browser." ecb-history "Settings for the history-buffer in the Emacs code browser." ecb-version-control "Settings for the version-control support in the ECB."] 8)
  load-internal("ecb-file-browser" nil t nil nil nil)
  load("ecb-file-browser" nil t nil)
  byte-code("..." [semantic-version ecb-version missing-msg speedbar-load-ok eieio-load-ok semantic-load-ok require ecb-upgrade ecb-util nil (byte-code "ÀÁ!‡" [require semantic] 2) ((error)) (byte-code "ÀÁ!‡" [require eieio] 2) ((error)) (byte-code "ÀÁ!‡" [require speedbar] 2) ((error)) "the package semantic" " and the " "package eieio" "package speedbar" ecb-noninteractive ecb-error "ECB is missing %s!" ecb-check-requirements message "ECB %s uses semantic %s, eieio %s and speedbar %s." boundp "<unknown version>" eieio-version speedbar-version tree-buffer ecb-file-browser ecb-method-browser ecb-jde ecb-layout ecb-create-layout ecb-mode-line ecb-help ecb-navigate ecb-eshell ecb-compilation ecb-cycle ecb-face ecb-tod ecb-speedbar ecb-autogen ecb-winman-support ecb-compatibility assoc] 7)
  load-internal("ecb" nil t nil nil nil)
  load("ecb" nil t nil)
  load-internal("~/.emacs" t t t nil nil)
  load("~/.emacs" t t t)

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