>> Another good thing is to try cedet against dependent tools like JDEE
>> or ECB.  If there are others, they should be added to the list.

>I use ECB and JDEE all the time, seems fine, but Ill try to do some
>more structured tests.

I'm quite busy now - but i will see if i can perform serious tests of ECB agianst semantic/cedet. Maybe i know best which parts of semantic are used by ECB so i can test the most importants things from ECB's point of view ;-)

But of course it is very valuable that an ECB-user tests the combination of ECB and cedet.


> Lastly, just let me know what you accomplish so it doesn't get
> replicated.


> Sadly, I have a wide range of minor changes I need to check in, and I
> haven't been able to check stuff in since the subversion upgrade on
> sourceforge.  The biggest change I have relates to how multiple files
> of different modes interact through searches and such.  I found that
> while going through some of th semantic checklist for C.
> It's still not clear to me why I can't get CVS to work.

David Ponce did checked in a fix for the dreaded "recursive require"
problem recently, so at least sourceforge should be ok.
Its not simply the server naming change they did?

> Thanks!
> Eric
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